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Trip Lee releases Coulda Been Me

Gary Lancaster

In light of recent events, Trip Lee has released a track expressing his thoughts and feelings about the tragedies in New York, Ferguson and other related events. As the title of track says, Trip is basically left thinking “It coulda been me”. He admits he didn’t personally know Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin or Eric Garner, even adding that he doesn’t know who was or was not innocent. Those are not the debates he is trying to stir up through this song. In a post written at, Trip says “For my friends that don’t understand, please take the time to listen and sympathize. Being ‘quick to listen and slow to speak’ is a mark of humility and maturity. Before you object, take a moment to hear from those who are hurting.”

The bigger issue here, as Trip states in the song, is that each of these lives are worth more than what the media has put in our ears. Each and everyone of us were made in the image of God, all life matters.

When a black, God fearing, loving father and husband feels like he could be wrongly targeted and judged, simply based on the color of his skin, it’s time for all of us to take notice and take action. We must pray for our nation, our leaders and our neighbors, that God may change our hearts and our sinful prejudices towards others. 

As Trip closes out the song “Yeah, we got work to do, but my hope is in Him”.

Read Trip's entire letter at: