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Tragic Hero

Testimony A Musician's Story

Find and hear the stories of your favorite artists and musicians here on the Testimony: A Musician's Story Podcast. 

Tragic Hero

Gaelika "Brown Theory" Brown

We all have a darkness inside of us because we are all broken people. Tragic Hero wants to know why we, as believers, can't be honest about that darkness. Listen to this episode of Testimony: A Musician's Story for a better understanding of why he named his latest project My Own Worst Enemy, as he confesses his failures as a husband and as a child of God. 

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Be sure to pick up his latest album My Own Worst Enemy at iTunes

Featured Songs:
00:28 - Intro
02:19 - 1984
03:21 - 1984
04:44 - Forever King
07:37 - No Way Out
09:51 - No Way Out
10:48 - The Only One
15:26 - In My Arms
17:19 - In My Arms
20:46 - School Bus
22:14 - Try Again
27:36 - Winter