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Up and Comers Episode 3 featuring Macon Hatton & Sirron Reid

Testimony A Musician's Story

Find and hear the stories of your favorite artists and musicians here on the Testimony: A Musician's Story Podcast. 

Up and Comers Episode 3 featuring Macon Hatton & Sirron Reid

Gaelika "Brown Theory" Brown

Up and Comers, Macon Hatton and Sirron Reid both reside in Dallas, they both go by their middle names, and they are both singer-songwriters who play guitar. Yet, they make different styles of music. But one thing their music has in common is that it comes from the soul.  Hear their testimonies and check out their music in the third episode of Testimonies, Up and Comers.

Follow Macon on Twitter @MaconHatton
Follow Sirron on Twitter @sirronreid

You can find Macon's music at iTunes
and well as Sirron's at SoundCloud

Featured Songs:
-Macon Hatton-
00:28 - Boys and Girls

02:30 - Two is Better Than One
06:17 - Valleys
08:02 - Broken Pieces
11:41 - Good Morning
15:03 - Boys and Girls

-Sirron Reid-
16:30 - Yahweh
17:23 - Feel Alright
19:58 - Feel Alright
22:07 - Jah Peace
23:47 - Rejoice
29:22 - All I Need is You