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Derek Minor - Reflection

Testimony A Musician's Story

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Derek Minor - Reflection

Gaelika "Brown Theory" Brown

Award winning rapper and Reflection Music Group label head Derek Minor, sits down with us for an exclusive break down of his latest album Reflection. We know know know know know know know you're gonna like it. 

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00:00 - Love Go High
00:28 - Hold Up
01:48 - Real Ones
03:13 - Things Fall Apart
05:08 - Things Fall Apart
08:23 - Look At Me Now
10:57 - You Know It
12:08 - You Know It
12:58 - Until I'm Gone
14:31 - Until I'm Gone
17:32 - Love Go High
19:47 - Change The World
21:48 - Live
25:07 - Judo
26:59 - Greatness 2.0