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Testimony A Musician's Story

Find and hear the stories of your favorite artists and musicians here on the Testimony: A Musician's Story Podcast. 

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Gemstones - Blind Elephant

Gaelika "Brown Theory" Brown

Aliens, illuminati, suicide, and God?  Those are just a few of the topics the under-rated rapper from Chicago discuses in his highly anticipated debut album Blind Elephant.  It has been a long time since Gemstones was working side by side with Lupe Fiasco, now he is on a mission to save souls while being a lyrical miracle.  Journey with Gemstones as he speaks candidly about his almost divorce and Blind Elephant.

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Gaelika "Brown Theory" Brown

He was seen on MTV and in major hip hop magazines.  His voice was heard on many of Lupe Fiasco’s early hits.  He used to kick it with Jay – Z and Kanye West, but he walked away from it all to glorify God.  Hear Gemstones story now!