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Testimony A Musician's Story

Find and hear the stories of your favorite artists and musicians here on the Testimony: A Musician's Story Podcast. 

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Social Club - Part II

Gaelika "Brown Theory" Brown

*Episode originally aired on Oct. 1st, 2013.

Two guys with a similar up-bringing, but two totally different life-stories, came together to help lead misfits everywhere to the King of kings.

In part II of Social Club's Testimony: A Musician's Story, we focus on the Fernie's life and how he was eventually introduced to MartyMar. Later in the episode, you'll get to hear the stories behind a few of their songs.

Be sure to check out their albums on iTunes.


Uncle Reece - Part II

Gaelika "Brown Theory" Brown

Uncle Reece, the man behind the hit single “Until I Pass Out,” recently released his debut album Bold It hit number nine on Billboard Gospel’s top 10 album charts.  In Part 2 of his Testimony: A Musician’s Story, Uncle Reece discusses the album, as well as some of the songs and the concept behind those songs.

Pick up his latest album Bold on iTunes or Google Play

Uncle Reece - Part I

Gaelika "Brown Theory" Brown

He is known for his hit single “Until I Pass Out”, but before Uncle Reece was worshiping until he passed out, he was caught up in a whole lot of mess.  Get to know him and his testimony during part one of his Testimony: A Musician’s Story.

Pick up his latest album Bold on iTunes or Google Play

*During this episode, Uncle Reece shares about his music before becoming a christian. Testimony does not endorse nor support those titles. However, we do aim to allow these artists to share their stories as unfiltered and real as possible.*

Vaughaligan Walwyn

Gaelika "Brown Theory" Brown

He was an all American athlete on his way to the Olympics, when he chose to cope with the death of his father with endless amounts of drugs.  In the midst of his addiction he found God and dedicated his life to him.  Hear Vaughaligan Walwyn’s full testimony now.  Purchase his latest album, Grace Still Abides on iTunes.

Christon Gray - Part I

Gaelika "Brown Theory" Brown

He is that singer and rapper guy from W.L.A.K. He is that guy singing the hook on that American Idol Super bowl commercial. He is the Christian who is about to release an R&B album and not mention the name Jesus. Find out who Christon Gray really is and hear his testimony before the release of his sophomore album School of Roses, dropping March 25. Pre-order the album now on iTunes

Christon Gray - Part II

Gaelika "Brown Theory" Brown

Because you listened to part one of Christon Gray’s Testimony: A Musician’s Story, now you should have a better understanding of who Christon is. For those of you who are still disappointed that he is not putting out an album showcasing his rapping abilities, he hopes to release a body art 2  that includes rap tracks that didn’t make School of Roses.

For those of you who are still trying to figure out how a Christian can put out an album and not mention the name Jesus, but still call it a Christian album, now is the time to check out those tracks and hear Christon’s explanation about those tracks. By the time the last song hits your ear drums, maybe you too will agree that it is a God inspired album.

Preview the entire album, along with Christon’s commentary on each track during part two of this Rapzilla exclusive, right now. Pre-order School of Roses now on iTunes.

Papa San

Gaelika "Brown Theory" Brown

As a little boy growing up in the slums of Jamaica surrounded by political violence, he dreamed of money and fame through music. That dream came true and Papa San had everything he wanted, except peace in his heart. He ran towards Jesus Christ and became the pioneer of gospel reggae. Decades later he is still preaching the gospel while making hits. His latest album 'One Blood' is one of several of San's to enter Billboard Reggae's top 10, but the first #1. Check out Papa San’s testimony and purchase One Blood on iTunes now.