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Your Testimony


Everyone has a testimony and we want to know yours. Fill out the form and tell us how God has transformed your life. Each month we will select a person to highlight and interview.

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Submitted by: Deenah Winley
Jun. 5th, 2015

I'm a young worship leader at my church in Baltimore, Maryland. I never thought I would be in a position like this, where God is using me, because I have always been content to stay unnoticed, in the background. 
I first started singing and discovering music spending time at my god-mother's house. She would always sing, and I just copied her. My first love was Jesus, and I gave my life to Him at age 12, but there was always a pull between secular music and God because I was so drawn to the type of love that R&B music would croon about. I could FEEL that kind of love, which was easier than God's love which I couldn't see. So, I spent the next 11 years chasing "that love". Also growing up without the affection from my Dad impacted me in ways I wasn't able to explain, except through singing. I felt better when singing, because I could sing notes that couldn't be expressed with words. That pursuit of love turned into a chase for the attention of guys, which caused a great deal of frustration and heart ache. So as a preteen and teenager I dealt with depression from rejection and insecurity. The story continues, and today I'm leading over 100 people in worship every weekend, but my journey is not done. I know I have not arrived, and God has only just started to reveal my potential and HIS master plan. I thank God and give glory for everything I been through up to this point. I'm excited for the next chapter, and expecting great things. You will hear more from me very soon, by God's grace.

Submitted by: Testimony Host, Brown Theory
Aug. 4th, 2014

I applied to an on-air talent position for Air1 in June of 2011.  Obviously, I didn't get the job, but the call back Air1 gave me help set in motion a spiritual journey that brought me to where I am now.

Air1 called me to tell me they were forwarding my resume to the hiring manager.  At that time I knew nothing about Air1, K-LOVE, or the genre of music, so I crammed.  I listened to Air1 all day everyday and fell in love with the music and station.  Until then, the only Christian music I knew of was gospel, and even that knowledge was limited.  I felt like a whole new world of music had been opened up to me.  From there I learned about Christian Hip Hop, and it was a wrap... my days of listening to secular music ended.  Of course I was disappointed that I didn't get the position, but in my heart knew it wasn't right for me. I walked away from interning at 107.9 The End, and walked away from radio.

My relationship with God grew stronger.  In January of 2013 I gave my life to Christ.  Then I had this sudden urge to share with the world the testimonies and music of the CHH artist I had grown to love, so God told me to do it.  That March I started Testimony: A Musician's Story (, an audio-biography series that features various Christian artist, it tells their story through their music and interviews. For a year we worked exclusively with the music magazine site Rapzilla, we have since left that platform and are now syndicated on several radio and internet stations.  The goal is to tell the story of all Christian artist in all genres.

A couple weeks ago I got baptized and started reflecting on what led me to this point in my life, and it came back to the music that was introduced to me via Air1. If I hadn't applied for the job, gotten a call back and not gotten the position, then I am not sure spiritually where I would be at.  For that my gratitude goes to the K-LOVE and Air1 ministries.

Brown Theory, rising up from her baptism. 

Brown Theory, rising up from her baptism. 

Submitted by: gXXXXXXXXXy at
Apr. 18th, 2014

Before I received Christ I was such an incredibly selfish person whose only preoccupation was my needs, my wants and my desires. I was utterly narcissistic and brainwashed with vain thoughts and desires. This led me to depths of perversion that were incredibly toxic.The perversion corrupted how I thought and negatively affected my relationships with my family and acquaintances I didn't hold unconditional love for my family at all. I was merely playing the part of the perfect child and rather than holding them together I encouraged separation so I could be glorified. I competed with everyone concerning everything, I had to be better than everyone at everything. I hated people, I hated family and I hated losing. 

I heard of Christ through the word and testimony of My Cousin Michael, who led me to a christian retreat, where I utterly gave my life to Jesus Christ. I received his free gift of salvation and I came to the vexing realization that I wasn't perfect and my sin was a permanent obstacle to being with God, as well as a guaranteed trip to hell. I received Jesus Christ into my heart and I immediately found an everlasting security and hope. The only true hope that exists in this world. Jesus Christ.

Now, with Christ in my life, as I trust him, I live and think in a completely different way. I actually have a heart now. I care deeply for people, especially my family. I know how to spell humility, I'm learning contentment. Now when I am faced with the pain that is life I know who the true healer is. And above all I truly know that I will be forever with God, that this is not a fairytale or some placebo for the finality of death. I genuinely know where i'm going when I die, to my saviour Jesus. I have a lot more molding and submitting to do, I stumble everyday, I struggle with things still, but I found life, because Life found me first. Jesus Christ is gradually and unashamedly becoming the absolute center of my existence, praise him.


— nevergoin28
I love Social Club’s music already but this interview makes me love it even more. Thanks for doing it. Great job! SCMGWP
— Philip Gaffney
Gaelika is an excellent interviewer and narrator who always seems to pull the best out of artists, and its edited well, too. Loving this series.
— deja
Very well made, excellent songs used, amazing job. Love Social Club, fellow Miamian
— Jonathan